The TITAN® 6X6 is powered by the Scania DC16 Tier 4F / EU Stage 4 engine rated at 574 KW (770 HP) combined with a Twin Disc Transmission / Transfer Case / Power Divider for superior acceleration, pumping performance and reliability.


Tubular frame rails form the backbone for a variable rate coil spring v-link suspension. Disc brakes with 432mm (17 inch) rotors are standard and provided with dual calipers on each front wheel end.


Equipped with an unmatched total of 9.0 cubic meters (320 cubic feet) space including a full transverse compartment


Equipped with a power divider driven single stage pump that flows in excess of 7570 lpm (2000 gpm), foam proportioning with patented ECOLOGIC® calibration system, and multiple high flow turret configurations including the low attack high flow RHINO® II bumper turret


Payload capacity with 12,000 liters (3,170 gallons) of water, 1,680 liters (445 gallons) of foam and up to 250 kg (550 lbs.) of auxiliary agent


The new TITAN® has an all-welded aluminum extrusion cab with 4.76 mm (3/16 inch) exterior plate. With over 7.4 sq m (80 square feet) of glass plus an ergonomic “cockpit style” layout, the new TITAN has exceptional firefighting and operational functionality.
The new TITAN® cab has been designed and tested to meet SAE2420, SAE2422 and ECE-R29 structural standards with roof loading test withstanding an incredible 28,576 kg (63,000 pounds) – twice the requirement.
Unsurpassed equipment storage with four (4) compartments located on each side to provide a minimum of 9 cubic meters (320 cubic feet) of usable storage capacity
Located in a separate plumbing module for easy access and maintenance, the single stage pump flows in excess of 7570 lpm (2000 gpm).
Featuring a lifetime warranty and with a 25.4mm (1 inch) wall thickness, the polypropylene water tank has a 12,000 liters (3170 gallons) capacity with an 1,680 liters (445 gallons) integral foam cell.
Improved turning radius – 12 m (40 ft), exceeding NFPA 414 standards




Extruded aluminum roll cage cab design featuring an ergonomic layout of all firefighting and operational functions
12,000 liter (3170 gallons) polypropylene water tank with integral 1,680 liter (445 gallons) foam tank
Fire Research AutoFoam ATP automatic foam proportioning system
Hale 8FG pump
Standard disc brakes offer unsurpassed performance - exceeding Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 121)
Stainless steel plumbing
Enclosed pump module allows for the most efficient flow characteristics and ease of service and maintenance
Unsurpassed equipment storage space with four (4) compartments located on each side
State-of-the-art Weldon™ V-MUX® multiplex electrical system for superior reliability and ease of maintenance
Multiple hose reel and pre-connected hand line configurations available


High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) up to 19.8m (65ft.) elevation
Auxiliary hydraulic power units up to 10KW @ 240V
Dry Chemical Systems up to 250 kgs. (550 lbs.)
Akrochem turret nozzles for greater dry chemical reach and penetration
Patented ECOLOGIC® vehicle integrated foam testing and calibration system to test solution percentage without discharging foam
DEVS and FLIR® camera packages for limited visibility conditions
RHINO® II high volume low attack bumper turret
Winterization system for -40 F°/ C° extreme climates
Light towers and scene / quartz lighting options for night operations
Water / foam and/or complimentary agent hose reels mounted behind the cab for rapid deployment